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Weathered Steel

14ga Tapered Weathered Steel Planter

14ga Tapered Weathered Steel Planter

11ga Tapered Weathered Steel Planter

Discover the Timeless Elegance of Tapered Corten Planters

Unveil the perfect synergy of natural beauty and modern design with our tapered Corten planters. Crafted from weathering steel, these planters boast a distinctive tapered silhouette that effortlessly blends contemporary style with organic appeal.

Embrace the allure of Corten as these planters gracefully evolve, developing a rich, rusted patina that adds character and depth to any outdoor space. The durable nature of Corten ensures that these planters stand the test of time, offering both strength and an unmatched aesthetic charm.

Let your creativity flourish as you introduce these tapered Corten planters to your design projects, adding a touch of sophistication and a timeless allure to garden settings, public spaces, and commercial landscapes. Elevate your outdoor environments with the captivating beauty and enduring quality of tapered Corten planters.

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