About Us

Vykan is a small manufacturing business that was founded in 2017 by three partners located in the Niagara Region. When founded the company had a keen interest in becoming part of the manufacturing community using fabrication and specifically the technology of CNC waterjet cutting as a primary offering.

Our Journey

As the company grows, creating a unique and sustainable product line has become a key goal in fueling growth and sustainability within the company. Vykan has tried many different types of products over different markets but the opportunity that Corten (weathering steel) presented was unique and gave a competitive advantage based on the companies abilities and structure.

Why Us?

The product is not well stocked across metal suppliers in Canada and is very hard to find a reliable fabricator with experience in dealing with the unique material. The ability to set up a good relationship with US supplier and our willingness to fabricate our customers creative ideas is what sets us apart in this market. Creating unique and custom corten products has demand that is growing and the possibilities are open ended.