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Can you design our project from scratch?

Definitely! We can help, but we are going to need the key details and some direction. drawings, dimensions, thicknesses and inspirational photo's help in this process. Costs do increase when we need to factor in design time.

Why is Corten more expensive than regular steel?

Corten is a specialized product that has unique composition that allows it to rust and maintain its strength. This extends the life without extending the maintenance something to consider in overall costs over lifespan.

Are you able to install your products at our property?

This is not a service that we offer at this time, we recommend contacting a locally trusted landscape contractor or homebuilder depending on the complexity of the project. For a lot of our projects that are great for eager DIY homeowners.

If the weathered steel is raw, how long with it take to oxidize/rust?

This can be a little tricky to answer because there is some dependence on the the environment. As a general rule the oxidation will start to take effect in the first couple weeks as the patina starts to form. the patina will likely fully for and curing within 6 months of being exposed to atmospheric pressure. wet and dry cycles will speed this up.

How long with weathered steel last?

Corten steel can last upwards of a few decades to over 100 years. Some conditions like near salt water are not ideal for the material and should be avoided.

Are there any considerations when using the material?

One major considerations when using Corten, especially on outdoor signage and light background is the run off. During the patina period there will likely be run off or dripping rust marks. This might make raw Corten tricky when hanging over a white side walk, or concrete wall for example.