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Weathered Steel Lawn Edging

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Also known as corten steel, this lawn edging is designed to be quick and easily installed by homeowners. The results are those of a professional landscape design company, that will stand the test of time.

The natural oxidizing process of corten starts with bright orange colors with flares of brown, eventually fading to a darker brown. every piece will rust differently with a unique pattern over a period of years. This lawn edging also has some advantages over traditional wood as it won't rot and should last 4 times in the elements!

edging is sold in boxes of 5 pieces, including 5 stakes manufactured to hold the edging in place and the joining points.


corten steel (aka. weathered steel, ASTM classifications A 242 and A 588)


6in x 48in x 1in teeth edging

Care Instructions

Wethered steel is designed to oxidize in the natural elements.

additional protection with coating or sealers can help to lock in a desired colour.

Patina mixtures consisting of hydorgen peroxide, salt, and vinegar can speed up the process.

BEWARE of rust run off during the initial curing process 0-6 months.

Transform Your Space with Weathered Steel

Corten lawn eding is a unique alternative to plastic, brick and wood. Asthetically your space will stand out in a natural and elegant way.