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Weathered Steel Sparrow

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This weathered steel product is made from corten steel and is designed to naturally oxidize and rust in the outdoor elements.

Our corten Blue Jay is designed to be hammered into a post or tree to add some beautiful detail into the natural landscape.

Corten steel was designed to have corrosive layer that will patina and rust. The initial rusting period will vary by the elements but can be estimated to last around 6 months. During this period there will be some rust run off under the corten completely cures.

the rust colour will continue to age and darken in colour in a natural and elegant way.


corten steel (aka. weathered steel, ASTM classifications A 242 and A 588)


6in x 48in x 1in teeth edging

Care Instructions

Wethered steel is designed to oxidize in the natural elements.

additional protection with coating or sealers can help to lock in a desired colour.

Patina mixtures consisting of hydorgen peroxide, salt, and vinegar can speed up the process.

BEWARE of rust run off during the initial curing process 0-6 months.

Transform Your Space with Weathered Steel

Corten lawn eding is a unique alternative to plastic, brick and wood. Asthetically your space will stand out in a natural and elegant way.